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Feb. 15-17: "All My Sons" by Little Theatre Guild
2/12/2018 1:00:00 AM
By: Sarah Haas, Communications Director

(PARK HILLS) -- The Mineral Area College Little Theater Guild will begin a three-day run of the Arthur Miller play "All My Sons" begin Feb. 15 at the Fine Arts Theater on the college's Park Hills campus.

Set during the years following World War II, the story follows the plight of two families, the Kellers and the Deevers, who are tied together through a business partnership between the families' patriarchs, Joe Keller and Steve Deevers, and a romance between their son and daughter.

During the war, Keller and Deever ran a machine shop which knowingly made defective airplane parts, leading to the death of 21 pilots. Both men were sent to prison, but Keller is exonerated from all charges and goes on to make a lot of money during the war. The twin shadows of this catastrophe and the fact that the young Keller son, Larry was reported missing during the war dominates the action.

"I think this play is much more appealing than Miller's ‘Death of a Salesman,’" said Chuck Gallaher, the college's theater director. "It still deals with a relationship between a father and a son, which seems to be a common theme with Miller, but I think people can relate to this play more. First, in ‘Death of a Salesman,’ Willie Loman is a door-to-door salesman. There are not too many of them around today, so I don't know if many people can really relate to his passion. I just think this is a much better play."

Gallaher also commented the appeal of Miller's writing is his ability to write in the voice of the common man.

"I think he writes in the way people think, the way they talk and to their emotions," Gallaher said. "Theatrically, it is something everyone can identify, so people keep going back to his work."

In addition to Miller's theme of family relationships and loyalty, the appeal to "All My Sons," at least to Aaron Gamble, who plays Joe Keller, is Miller's ability to write for an older man.

"Miller is one of the few playwriters who knows how to write in the mindset of an older man," Gamble said. "With Miller's plays, he writes about the act of being an older man and that is what makes his plays. They are real people."

Curtain for Thursday – Saturday is at 7 p.m. with doors opening at 6:30 p.m. Reserved tickets are available at the MAC bookstore, 573-518-2106, or at the door. Adults are $7 and students and seniors are $3.

The cast includes: Joe Keller: Aaron Gamble, Potosi; Kate Keller: Greta Balasz, Park Hills; Chris Keller: Jordan Duncan, Farmington; Ann Deever: Hannah Duncan, Farmington; George Deever: Danny Montgomery, Desloge; Dr. Jim Bayliss: Ian Miller, Desloge; Sue Bayliss: Brianna Brickey, Perryville; Frank Lubey: Logan Fitzwater, Bonne Terre; Lydia Lubey: Addy Hall, Farmington; Bert: Christon Hahn, Farmington.

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