Rifle/Pistol/Shotgun Range Commands


  1. (The Range Officer will turn the Indicator Light to GREEN.) Shooters on the line, open all actions, remove magazines and unload all firearms.
  2. Place all firearms in the appropriate gun rack with Chamber Blocks in place.
  3. When all firearms are racked, step out of the booth, and sit on bench provided at rear of booth. If you are checking out, turn your indicator light to WHITE.
  4. As a reminder, shooters during a cease-fire you may not re-enter your booth, handle any firearms, or check out.
  5. If you are checking out, return your target stand to the 7-yard line and remove the target.
  6. The line is clear. You may proceed down range.
  7. When everyone from your booth has returned from downrange, have a seat on the bench at the rear of your booth. (The Range Officer will turn your indicator light to RED.)
  8. If you are checking out during this shooting sequence, re-case your firearms on the shooting table with the muzzle pointed down range, sweep up your booth & check out at the Range Office.
  9. Shooters, down range is clear, you may re-enter your booth, carefully handle your firearm, keeping the muzzle pointed down range, load & commence fire.
    • Reminder Commands:
      • Target placement: Standing, use top of target. Seated, use bottom of target.
      • 3 seconds between shots fired. No rapid fire.
      • Position your firearms between the RED lines on your shooting table.