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Reopening Letter from Dr. Joe Gilgour:


May 14, 2020

Greetings Mineral Area College community,

For nearly 100 years, Mineral Area College has provided quality educational opportunities to residents of southeast Missouri. This year has been a challenge for our community as we all dealt with unprecedented events during this crisis, but we will persevere. This letter will outline the reopening plan for Mineral Area College. Please note that circumstances may change at a moment’s notice due to developments out of our control.

During the week of March 9-13, 2020, while Mineral Area College students and employees were on spring break, the leadership team of MAC met with professionals in health, IT, security, and local, state, and federal government to discuss the best options to keep our campus community safe. The decision was made to close all MAC campuses to the public and require employees to work from home. All classes moved online, and all services were still available remotely.

On May 4, Governor Mike Parson began the process of lifting the state closures. Mineral Area College, though still closed to the public, has allowed employees to continue to work from home and all services are still available remotely.

The following is a timeline of campus reopening procedures and dates; all information is subject to change:

May 18 - June 8

  • Assessment Center will be open, with limited seating, for Accuplacer testing by appointment. Students must bring and wear masks. Gloves will be required and provided.
  • MAC Bookstore reopens with limitations on the number of shoppers allowed in the store.
    o Our online services will be launching soon!
  • Employees may continue to work from home if approved by supervisor.
  • All campus visitors and employees are encouraged to wear masks and should practice physical distancing. Any student or visitor requiring face-to-face interaction must wear a mask at all times.
    o Employees and visitors may purchase masks from the MAC Bookstore.
  • All public events scheduled on campus are cancelled through July 31.

June 1

  • Some employees may be required to return on a limited basis.
    o Supervisors will inform employees prior to June 1.
  • Supervisors will communicate with employees needed to return to campus to provide on campus services. Supervisors may approve remote work for employees who are successfully completing the duties and responsibilities listed on their job description who
    have the resources (including a computer with reliable internet) needed to accomplish work from home.
  •  Masks will still be encouraged of all employees and visitors to campus.
    o Employees and visitors may purchase masks from the MAC Bookstore.
    o This decision will be reviewed closer to June 1.

June 8

  • Summer semester begins, all summer courses are held online with exceptions for specialty programs as needed.
  • Computer Lab (T106-A) open with limited seating.
    o Masks and gloves will be required.
  •  Tutoring Services will be available by appointment only.
    o Masks and gloves will be required.
  • Employees may work from home if approved by supervisor.

August 3

  • All employees will return to campus.
  • All campus services will be open and normal operating hours will be observed.
  • Fall classes will be available on-ground and online.

To ensure a safe campus, when returning to work on campus employees should:

  • Use sick leave when you've had a fever, are experiencing respiratory symptoms, chills, muscle pain, new loss of taste or smell, vomiting or diarrhea, and/or sore throat.
  • Practice healthy hygiene.
  • Follow CDC guidance to protect yourself and others.
  • Disclose travel to your supervisor and self-quarantine for 14 days following CDC travel guidance.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during these uncertain times. Mineral Area College is dedicated to serving the educational and workforce needs of our community. As we reopen, we must prioritize the health and safety of our students and employees, and though it
may take time, we will work to get back to normal operations.

Flat River School Superintendent J.U. White probably did not comprehend the impact of Mineral Area College when he proposed the idea of Flat River Junior College in 1921. The world had just re-emerged from the pandemic of the Spanish Flu of 1918 and the ending of World War I in 1917, but out of those ashes, we were born.

Flat River Junior College/Mineral Area College has seen its share of tragedy over the years on local and national levels. From the decline of the lead industry, the Great Depression, World War II, fire that destroyed facilities, and many more, and yet we have persevered.

Mineral Area College will continue to be here for our communities. No college can survive this long without strong community support. Thank you for being there all these years.


Dr. Joe Gilgour
President, Mineral Area College

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