Pharmacy Technician Program

Jul 24, 2019 - 2:34 PM


Prepare for a High Demand Career 

Pharmacy Technician is one of the fastest growing occupations in Missouri. The PhT Program at Mineral Area College prepares students for the national Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) Exam. As a result, our students’ exam pass rate exceeds the national average.


“When I had questions over math homework, Mrs. Majeske came in early or stayed late…She didn't want any of her students to fail, but truly wanted everyone to succeed. And that's what we did. We succeeded.”
– Tonie Dion, CPhT, Graduate

Class size averages 12 students. The small class size means that your instructor has more time to provide  individualized instruction and help. As a result, students in the Pharmacy Technician Program successfully  complete the course at a much higher rate than the national average for community colleges.

MAC Pharmacy Technician Program Completion Rate: 84%

National Community College Completion Rate: 29%



The Pharmacy Technician Program holds classes on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:00-8:30 pm, plus will meet one Saturday every month from 9:00 am-2:00 pm. Students will also be required to participate in a one-week, 40-hour clinical rotation about 2/3 of the way into the program.

  • Classes begin August 12, 2019 - Apply by June 14
  • 19-week certificate program
  • Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:00-8:30 pm
  • One Saturday every month from 9:00 am-2:00 pm.
  • One-week, 40-hour clinical rotation

You may qualify for significant financial assistance. For possible financial assistance, contact Stacey
Wideman at 573-518-2145 or your local Missouri Job Center. Because you must get registered with the State Board of Pharmacy before enrollment, you must contact us before June 14 at:
Phone: 573-518-2280

MAC students’ PTCB pass rate exceeds the national average pass rate by 22%.

The Pharmacy Technician Program is guided by an Advisory Board comprised of representatives from two hospital pharmacies and eleven regional pharmacies. These local employers prefer the national PTCB certification. The PhT Program at Mineral Area College prepares students for the exam. As a result, our
students’ PTCB pass rate exceeds the national average pass rate by 22%.

Mineral Area College Student PTCB Pass Rate: 79%
National PTCB Pass Rate: 57%


“I know no other program that exists in our area to equip these pharmacy technicians than the tech training program at Mineral Area College, and I appreciate what it has done for me and my employees who graduated from it." 
– Jeremy Leach, RPh, Owner, Parkland Health Mart

Employment and Salary 

The PhT Program prepares students for employment in a variety of pharmacy environments. You can find our clinical students and program graduates at a number of locations like Pharmax, Schnucks, Parkland Hospital, Perry County Memorial Hospital, Ozark Long-Term Care RX, plus a number of other locations throughout the service area.

Employment outlook for Pharmacy Technicians is bright in Missouri, with an expected job growth
rate of 17% - one of the fastest growth rates for any occupation in Missouri. The median wage for Pharmacy
Technicians in Missouri is $28,290. Locally, PTCB certified technicians can expect to start at $10 to
$11 per hour, with some Cape Girardeau employers offering up to $14 per hour.

It is not unusual for 40% or more of the class to become employed in the field before they complete the
program. Yet, employers value the program so much that they work around our students’ academic schedule to ensure they are able to complete the program.

Job Description

Pharmacy Technicians do more than just fill prescriptions. They are the Pharmacist’s right-hand. As such, they:

  • Develop and maintain good relationships with customers
  • Assist and care for others
  • Work with a team
  • Explain the meaning of information to others
  • Use computers to accomplish part of their work
  • Continue to update their knowledge
  • Are physically active throughout the work day
  • Must pass drug screens and criminal background checks

Apply by July 26.

Getting started is easy. Contact:

  • Stacey Wideman, Program Support Specialist,, (573) 518-2145
  • Tina Miller, Program Support Specialist,, (573) 518-3840
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