About Us

Mission, Philosophy, Values and Vision Statements


The mission of Mineral Area College is to serve the community, to provide students a quality, affordable education, and to offer opportunities for professional and personal development in a safe, professional environment.

Philosophy of Purpose  

Mineral Area College is dedicated to the belief that learning beyond high school is essential for the full development of individuals’ interests and capacities and for the training of responsible citizens who will make a worthy contribution in a democratic society. It further believes the public, two-year community college is in a unique position to contribute to the overall program of higher education by providing the first years of college at a reasonable cost. Close to the community it serves, Mineral Area College meets the needs not only of those who will transfer to other institutions, but also of those who are preparing for careers through occupational programs, and those who value learning for its own sake. Through continuing education and cooperative programs, the College contributes to the economic development and general welfare of the region. Mineral Area College believes in an open door policy that offers to everyone an opportunity to benefit from higher education. The College will at all times strive for quality in its educational programs.

Value Statements

  1. We are committed to respecting and caring for one another by being professional, fair, and honest.
  2. The development of our teaching and learning environment is a responsibility we share.
  3. Our students can expect excellence, opportunity, and encouragement so they may succeed.
  4. Our curriculum and program offerings will effectively serve our community's educational and training needs.

Vision Statements

Mineral Area College will be recognized as an innovative and significant educational institution and will:

  1. Encourage and support individuals, businesses, and organizations to meet their educational needs.
  2. Serve as a resource for community and cultural enrichment.
  3. Attract, develop, and retain dedicated, diverse, and professional employees.
  4. Recruit, develop, and retain a diverse student population by providing an accessible, quality, and affordable education.
  5. Provide staff, faculty, and students with appropriate resources for programs and services.
  6. Strengthen relationships with school districts and community agencies.


Mineral Area College fulfills its statutory mission through the following goals:

  1. College/University Transfer : Provide lower-division courses in general education as well as pre-requisite work leading to the associate of arts degree for students who plan to transfer to four-year institutions.
  2. General Education : Provide courses that result in personal, cultural, intellectual and social development in transfer and career programs leading to associate of arts, associate of general studies, associate of science, or associate of applied science degrees.
  3. Career and Technical Education : Provide courses which assist in the achievement of the technical knowledge and general background information necessary for programs leading to associate of science, associate of applied science degrees, as well as one- or two-year occupational certificates.
  4. Developmental Education : Provide courses that prepare and remediate students in basic skills such as adult literacy, and assist students in the development of appropriate study skills so that they may achieve a successful transition into employment or postsecondary programs and coursework.
  5. Customized and Contract Training : Provide specialized training to address specific needs of business and industry and to further the economic development of the region
  6. Continuing Education : Provide a variety of lifelong learning opportunities that are responsive to people of all ages who continue their quest for personal knowledge and enrichment, and who wish to acquire new ideas through non-traditional activities such as seminars, workshops, and non-credit courses for their professional careers.
  7. Student Services : Provide support services to assist students in achieving their educational goals, including orientation, assessment, academic advisement, financial assistance, personal and career counseling, job placement, accommodation services for students with disabilities, and other learning resources.
  8. Community and Cultural Services : Provide a variety of activities and events that are responsive to the advancement and enhancement of the region’s diversity and quality of life.

Organizational Priorities 

Mineral Area College will be an open-door institution known for its integrity, flexibility, creativity, responsiveness, quality instruction, and from its commitment to working for the benefit of the educational and cultural needs of the citizens in the taxing district.

Mineral Area College adopts the following organizational priorities:

  1. Outcomes Assessment: Commit to assessing student achievement in order to evaluate whether the College attains its mission, vision, mission, and preserves its values. Assessment results and strategies are used to continuously improve the learning environment, our operational processes, and the effectiveness of all employees.
  2. Student Success: Provide courses and programs in which learners will attain a general education, prepare for careers, meet lifelong-learning goals, and expand social and cultural awareness.
  3. High School Relationships: Ensure a smooth transition for high school students entering Mineral Area College and provide resources and information to maximize their college experience.
  4. Diversity: Foster a climate in which diversity and individuality are respected and incorporated into learning opportunities for everyone. All students and employees are respected and safe within the College’s learning and working environments.
  5. Partnerships with Business and Industry: Promote and develop economic growth and vitality in the region by providing training to meet the needs of employers and employees in the region.
  6. Technology and Facilities: Set high standards for continuous improvement of instructional and operational technologies as well as facilities.
  7. Operational Effectiveness and Efficiency: Foster open lines of communication and cooperation among faculty, staff, and administrators. Create a working environment in which professional experience is valued and encouraged by providing the resources, tools and freedom to achieve the College’s mission and philosophy of purpose. Achievement will be measured through on-going institutional research and feedback. The results will be used to determine long-and short-term goals.