Student Life

A chapter of the U.S. Collegiate Archery Organization that participates in indoor, outdoor, 3-D, and competitions shooting. All levels of archers are welcome and personal equipment is not necessary to join. Membership is open to all students on the main campus who are enrolled in at least six semester hours. The club strives to help its members develop skills that will enhance them personally and professionally.

Dr. Shawn Young,, 573-518-2339

Dr. Nathan Calkins,, 573-518-2325

Any student with an interest in creating art projects, having art discussions or engaging in other art-related activities is welcome to become a member. During the course of the year there are art projects that are constructed or painted. Members need to be available and willing to work on these projects. The club’s mission is to advance the idea of culture in the area and encourage creativity at MAC.

Abril Warner,, 573-518-2303

Cardinal Congregation is an interdenominational Christian ministry for all MAC students. We seek to provide an opportunity for positive spiritual well being and growth. Our goal is to provide a safe and inclusive space for students of all religious backgrounds, nationalities, and sexual orientations.

Join us for devotion and free refreshments every Wednesday at 12 noon in classroom AS 109, Arts and Sciences Building. Occasional small groups and mission opportunities are planned (date and location TBD). Membership is open to people of all religious backgrounds.

Alison Sheets,, (573) 518-3848

Chi Alpha is a Christian student organization found at most major universities in America. It communicates the value of leadership and living a healthy lifestyle. Gatherings are informal, charged with music and deal with everything from relationships to the nature of truth. The goal is to meet among friends and meet real needs. Membership is open to people of all religious backgrounds and nationalities.

Jennifer Sikes,, 573-518-2197

Ellen Miller,, 573-518-2207

Students who are considering a career in some type of helping field career should consider this club. Students will do activities in which they will be able to help with real world issues in our local community while at the same time learning about and making connections to people in our community who work in the helping fieled. The goal is to help students make connections between what they learn at MAC and the community. Students will learn leadership skills and hone their leadership abilities by participating in club activities. Students will learn communication and people skills as they create and participate in club activities. All students are welcome to participate.

Richard Wadlow,, 573-518-2234

This club promotes interaction among students of different cultures and nationalities, encouraging students to broaden their perspectives by understanding and appreciating other languages and societies. The club explores foreign arts, traditions and observations during events throughout the year.

Sarah Stahl,, 573-518-2128

Delta Psi Omega is a dramatic fraternity, providing a national honor society for those exhibiting a high standard of work in theatre. As MAC students and members of the community qualify, they are rewarded by election to membership in the society and initiated in formal ceremonies at the end of the spring semester.

Chuck Gallaher,, 573-518-2181

The theatre guild produces 8-12 shows a year, with six main stage shows (two per semester). Three of the shows are musicals. A children’s show tours local elementary schools each semester. The guild provides quality entertainment while preparing students for four-year education or employment in the performing arts. Students and community members can audition for roles or pursue their interests in directing, designing sets, costuming or other work behind the scenes.

Chuck Gallaher,, 573-518-2181

MAC ambassadors represent the student body and campus. They must maintain at least a 2.5 GPA and have good oral communication and leadership skills. They are selected through an application process and receive an hourly rate. Ambassadors help during registration, recruitment, campus tours, student activities and events.

MACFlix uses films from the past and present to provide social events and educated discussion on how movies affect today’s society, culture and relationships. Open to all students.

Dr. Kevin White,, 573-518-2170

Membership in Missouri State Association of Licensed Practical Nurses Inc. is required of all students accepted and enrolled in the Practical Nursing Program. The organization motivates its members to establish, maintain and evaluate nursing’s professional standards. Membership benefits include newsletters from the association, updates on legislative proposals and changes affecting the nursing profession, and the opportunity to attend the annual MoSALPN convention. Other activities include attending meetings regarding health promotion, maintenance and new technology and treatment interventions. Graduate nurses are eligible and encouraged to continue membership in this professional organization.

Pam Junge,, 573-518-2209

NAfME collegiate membership gives students an opportunity for professional orientation and development, and helps students gain an understanding of: the basic truths and principles that underlie the role of music in human life; the philosophy and function of the music education profession; the professional interests of members involved in the local, state, division, and national levels; the music industry’s role in support of music education and the knowledge and practices of the professional music educator as facilitated through chapter activity.

Harry Cecil,, 573-518-2230

OMEGA LEO A collegiate level of the International Lions Club, Omega Leo is open to all students, with the focus on service learning and giving back to local communities through leadership and projects. The club also participates in fundraising activities, an annual eyeglasses collection drive and occasional field trips.

Sponsor:  Erin Sikes  573-518-2370

Phi Beta Lambda is a national organization of postsecondary students interested in pursuing a business and business-related career. PBL members develop leadership skills, initiate business ventures, and organize community service projects. PBL encourages students to participate in state and national leadership conferences and competitions each year to better prepare them for careers, continuing their education and life. Membership is open to any MAC student.

Melynda Barks,, 573-518-2245

Phi Theta Kappa is the international honor society for two-year colleges. Induction into the society requires that a student be enrolled at MAC and have completed 12 credit hours in 1000 level courses or higher with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale. PTK students participate in a number of projects each year that aid the campus and the community. They also travel up to four times a year for various conferences. More than $37 million in scholarships are offered to PTK students every year. The organization helps students get involved on campus, build a resume, develop personal/professional skills and earn money along the way.

Chris Visnoske, 573-518-2320

John Wright, 573-518-3831

PAS provides an opportunity for leadership and career preparation. All agribusiness and horticulture students are encouraged to participate in state and national conferences each year. Conference activities include exploring agriculture-related occupations and touring industries. The conference also allows students to network with other agriculture students and industry leaders from across the nation. Students may compete in career programs such as Ag Education, Ag Sales, Biofuels, Food Science and Safety, Precision Agriculture, Landscaping, Floriculture, Soil Science, Equine Management, Livestock, Dairy and Crop Production. Other competition areas include public speaking, employment interview and career planning and progress. Any student taking an agriculture or horticulture class qualifies for local chapter membership.

Dr. Chad Follis,, 573-518-2323

The goal of the Robotics Club is to promote students’ knowledge of robotics and related fields of study while working as a team to complete fun and challenging tasks. Robotics Club focuses on projects that may apply science, mathematics, computer programming, and creative solutions to the design and production of robots. Participants may also attend robotics competitions and events, such as MAC’s Robot and Technology Expo. All students are welcome to participate.

Dane Korenak,, 573-518-2130

Student Activities Council is a student-run club that directs, administers, and executes student activities and social events for the student body to enhance the college experience. SAC also works with campus clubs and organizations to co-sponsor events. The council is composed of representatives from recognized student clubs and organizations and the general student body.

Beth Mell,, 573-518-2193

The official student governing board and policymaking group of the student body, SGA acts as liaison among students, faculty, and administration. Through it, students can express themselves collectively and initiate and execute measures to benefit the student body and college. Full-time students are elected to SGA by their peers during the beginning of fall semester, to staggered two-year terms. Officers are elected from SGA membership.

Chad Majeske,, 573-518-3827

Rodney Wilson,, 573-518-2353

S-MSTA provides personal and professional growth opportunities for education majors, offering leadership, networking and ethics and ideals-based learning experiences in schools and communities. Membership also includes subscription to professional publications and liability insurance for student teachers.

Shawn Young,, 573-518-2339

ADN Program students are required to belong to a nationally-recognized nursing student organization. Membership in a professional organization enhances leadership skills and continued awareness of professional issues. MAC nursing students can join the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA), which automatically includes membership in the local and state organizations.The college sponsors an active local chapter called the MAC Student Nurses Association (MAC SNA). The local chapter focuses on community health awareness. Members are encouraged to participate in the local chapter as well as on the state level, the Missouri Nurses Student Association (MONSA), which focuses on issues affecting Missouri student nurses.

Esther Blum,, 573-518-2175

Melissa Helm,, 573-518-2208

The Student Radiology Club is open to all students accepted and enrolled in the Radiology Program. The organization motivates its members to establish, maintain, and provide awareness for radiology professional standards. Membership promotes lifelong learning and continuing education. Activities include attending the annual MSRT convention, additional meetings on new technology and treatments and student quiz bowl competitions with other radiology schools.

Stacy Wilfong,, 573-518-2334

Kara Mills,, 573-518-2334

The purpose of the Veterans Organization is to meet the needs of veterans, create an environment of inclusiveness, and provide support, guidance, and a resource for those who have served our country. The organization serves as a network of social support and is open to all students, regardless of military status.

Todd Kline,, 573-518-2272