Disability Support Services - Access Office


Disability Support Services - Access Office

The Access Office collaborates with students, faculty, and staff to provide equal access to educational programs and activities offered at Mineral Area College. The Access Coordinator assists students who have disabilities by working with staff and faculty to implement reasonable and appropriate accommodations. These accommodations allow students to demonstrate their abilities and knowledge in enrolled courses.

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More information, contact Brenda Vallett (573) 518-2152 or bvallett@mineralarea.edu

Current and appropriate documentation of a disability must be provided to the Access Office and must show how the disability substantially limits one or more major life activities.  Once documentation is reviewed and an initial meeting is completed, accommodations can be approved by the Access Coordinator.  All disability-related information remains private and separate from a student's academic record.

Please click this Documentation Guidelines link for more information regarding appropriate documentation.  

It is the student's responsibility to self-identify, provide current and appropriate documentation of his or her disability, and to request accommodations from the Access Office. If a student chooses not to disclose his or her disability to the Access Office, the student is not covered under Section 504 and the ADA. The student will also be unable to receive academic accommodations or support services.

Students should take the following steps to ensure appropriate accommodations are in place before the semester begins.

1. Contact the Access Office for an appointment.

2. Submit appropriate documentation of disability to the Access Office.

3. Meet with advisor and register for classes.

4. Provide the Access Office with your class schedule each semester to obtain your accommodation forms for courses.

If accommodations will be needed for the Accuplacer, the student will need to meet with the Access Coordinator prior to registering for the test.

Please click this Student Responsibilities link for further information.

Academic and personal advising
Accessible parking
Alternate format services for textbooks
Assistance with registration
Assistive technology
Classroom adaptations
Extended test-taking time
Liaison with faculty and staff
Liaison with Vocational Rehabilitation agencies
Low Vision CCTV
Magnifiers for print materials
Out-of-class testing
Scribe for test
Sign language interpreting services
Telecommunication Device for the Deaf
Test Reader
Volunteer in-class note-takers

For more information, please contact

Kathy Wynn
Access Coordinator
(573) 518-2152/(573) 518-2354 (Fax)
Room AS117, Arts & Sciences Building

For Hearing Users To Connect with Relay Users
Dial 711 or 1-866-735-2460

For Missouri TTY/TDD Users

For Voice Carry Over Users