Tests Offered at MAC

MAC offers the tests listed below.

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MAC has adopted Missouri’s State-Level Academic Skills and Knowledge areas as institutional learning outcomes.  These outcomes also serve as the Missouri Core 42 competencies.

These outcomes are measured on the course-level by aligning course-level student learning outcomes to the skills or knowledge areas as applicable.

Institutional Learning Outcomes

Institutional Outcomes Summaries:

2020-2021 Academic Skills Summary Results
2020-2021 Knowledge Area Summary Results
2019-2020 Academic Skills Summary Results
2019-2020 Knowledge Area Summary Results

Note: Collection of assessment data for Spring and Summer 2020 semesters was optional due to the shift to remote learning.

2017-2018 Institutional Outcomes Summary Results
2016-2017 Institutional Outcomes Summary Results
2015-2016 Institutional Outcomes Summary Results
2014-2015 Institutional Outcomes Summary Results

Career and Technical programs undergo review every odd fiscal year as required by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). The program review follows the Common Criteria and Quality Indicators and results are reported to the state.  

Faculty create course-level student learning outcomes and map those outcomes to the Missouri State Level goals. Faculty create an assessment plan for each student learning outcome that includes a description of the measurement and an acceptable target of achievement. Departments meet once a semester to review outcomes, measurements, and findings. Faculty members create action plans targeted at improving student performance on learning outcomes.

Co-Curricular Student Learning Outcomes

1. Communication

Students will develop effective use of language in order to communicate with thoughtfulness, clarity, coherence, and persuasiveness.

2. Engaged Citizen

Students will recognize the importance of becoming an engaged citizen.

3. Leadership Skills

Students will develop a range of leadership skills and abilities.

4. Diversity

Students will be exposed to a diverse culture and recognize its value to society.

Graduation Survey

Students who submit a graduation application will be asked to complete a brief survey about their experience at MAC.

Noel-Levitz Surveys

Every other Fall, the College administers the Student Satisfaction Inventory and the Institutional Priorities Survey to understand the student experience and determine areas of improvement.