Higher Learning Commission

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Mineral Area College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission

  • Institutional accreditation is vital as it demonstrates the College’s commitment to quality throughout all departments on campus including academics, administration, mission, and resources.

Recent HLC Events

Comprehensive Quality Review-October 21 & 22, 2019

MAC welcomed a team of four peer reviewers representing the Higher Learning Commission on October 21 & 22 2019.  Over the two day period, the reviewers met with college employees, students, community members, and the Board of Trustees.  The team’s findings were reviewed by the Institutional Actions Council in January, where the IAC decided to continue MAC’s accreditation through 2029-2030. 

Multi-Location Visit-March 18 & 19, 2019

MAC welcomed a HLC peer reviewer to its locations in Farmington, Fredericktown, and Potosi . The reviewer toured the facilities and spent time speaking to student groups, faculty members, and site directors.

The College received the feedback report on April 3.  Based on his findings, the reviewer recommended no further review or monitoring at this time.

Systems Portfolio Feedback Report-December 7, 2018

MAC received its Systems Feedback report on December 7, 2018. After careful review, the administrative team created an action plan to address the strategic challenges identified by the review team.

Final Action Projects-September 24, 2018

MAC submitted its last three action projects for review and closure in the Action Project Network. Even though these projects are no longer required for AQIP, work on these projects will continue.  

  • Implementing Multiple Measures
  • Improving Internal Communication
  • Optimizing Course Scheduling

Systems Portfolio Submitted-September 7, 2018

After two years of intense work, the Portfolio was submitted on September 7, 2018.  The completion of the Portfolio was celebrated at the All-Employee meeting on September 10.

The Portfolio was a campus-wide effort that included the following teams:

Category One: Leslie Evans and Jodi Dillon
Category Two: Lynne Wisdom and Roger McMillian
Category Three: Kathryn Neff and Laura Glasbrenner
Category Four: Pam Watkins and Alison Sheets
Category Five: Amy Henson and Shawn Young
Category Six: Diana Stuart and Steve Kurtz

The final version of the Systems Portfolio was put together by Vickie Morgan, Diana Stuart, Amy Henson, Leslie Evans, and Steve Kurtz.