Transitioning to College

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At Mineral Area College, accommodations are provided to eligible students with disabilities to provide access to programs and services offered at the college level.  Accommodations offered can be similar and different from what students are used to receiving at the High School level. 

Students who are interested in receiving accommodations will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Self-disclose a disability to the Access Director.
  2. Provide current documentation of disability diagnosis.  Name of your disability.
  3. If determined eligible for accommodations, meet with Access Director after course schedule is completed.

It is recommended students contact the Access Director prior to the semester starting, since documentation of the disability does have to be reviewed for eligibility as well as be on file for accommodations to begin.  Students can be determined eligible at any point in the semester, but accommodations are not retroactive. 

Students do need to contact the Access Director in advance due to some accommodations taking more time to put into place.  Students requesting accommodations such as sign language interpreters and books in alternative formats should give prior notice of at least four weeks (before a semester starts) in order to make reasonable efforts to fill these types of requests. 

Students do need to be able to self-monitor their own behavior and abide to Mineral Area College’s Student Conduct Code.  Personal aids, prescriptive devices, wheelchairs, eye glasses, transportation services, tutoring, and other personal services are not provided through the Access Office.  These types of services can be provided by either other offices on campus or by various agencies within the community. 

If students or parents have any questions, please feel free to contact the Access Director.  Keep in mind that information regarding student progress at college is considered private under law and the student needs to give his or her permission to release such information.