MAC Centennial Campaign



Mineral Area College Centennial Campaign

Mineral Area College’s Centennial Campaign is a $23.55 million campaign that will position the college as a regional economic driver by providing students with a quality, affordable education that offers opportunities for personal growth and career placement.

Close to the community it serves, MAC is dedicated to individual betterment and an open-door policy. This is our stated philosophy of purpose. How we foster this sense of community and advance the personal and professional goals of our students, practically, is the motivation and impetus for a campaign.

Celebrating a New Day at MAC will honor MAC's Centennial while supporting the college's endowment, programs, and capital goals.

The vision of this campaign focuses on five major initiatives:

MAC Tech

$16 million to construct the Industry and Education Center which is an 80,500-square-foot facility for students to receive specialized, technical skills to secure well-paying jobs close to home. It will house industrial maintenance programs as well as construction, commercial HVAC, HVAC assistant, machine tool, fiber optic programming, and installation and be adaptable to industry and community needs.

 Fine Arts Endowments

$3 million to endow a position that will help MAC grow the Fine Arts program. This newly endowed position will help reestablish MAC's Fine Arts program. While the principal for the endowment will be retained, the interest generated through a prudently invested endowment will continue to fund the position in perpetuity.

$1 million to help students access the education that they desire through scholarship opportunities.


Arts and Science Building Renovations

$1.5 million to renovate the Arts and Science building, modernizing learning spaces to enhance the student experience, increase enrollment and improve retention.

FEMA Storm Shelter

$1.25 million to provide a safe place for students to shelter when needed.

Softball Field

$800,000 to construct a new softball field on campus, adding to the quality of life on campus, reducing travel times to area fields and building a greater sense of community on campus.

Your support for Mineral Area College will make all the difference.


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Kevin Thurman
Executive Director of Development