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MAC Alumni Features

These MAC Alumni were chosen to be featured as Centennial Alumni Spotlights because of their accomplishments at FRJC and MAC, and beyond, over the years. We will add new alumni spotlights every month, so check back often!

Learn more about each alumni's journey below.

Mike Burch

Class of 1973

Mike graduated MAC in 1973 and went on to SEMO to pursue his bachelor’s degree. After earning a Master’s with an emphasis in guidance and counseling, he worked most of his career in the Missouri Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. He is now a Deacon in the Catholic Church and will have served 20 years here in May 2023.

Click here to read more of Mike's story.

Randy Huff

Class of 1978

Randy Huff is the Manager at the Old Village Mercantile in Caledonia, MO. He is a former MAC student who graduated in 1978, taught in the Central R-III District for 30 years, and helped create the world-famous ice cream at the Old Village Mercantile.

Watch Randy's video for his full story above.

Billy Zuck

Class of 2022

Billy Zuck is a recent MAC Alumni graduating at the age of 84. Earning his Associate of Arts in Psychology, this achievement makes him one of the oldest students to graduate from MAC. Watch Billy explain his motivations to attend MAC later in life and what the MAC faculty, staff, and courses taught him as a student.

Click here to read more of Billy's story and watch his video interview.

Aaron & Talisha Brooks

Class of 2011 & 2013

Talisha and Aaron Brooks have four generations of MAC ties in their family, including their own deep history with the college where they have both given and received so much. As students, both have won the Student of the Year in Leadership and Campus Service awards in their respective classes (2011 and 2013), and are the only married couple to have done so.

Click here to read more of Talisha's and Aaron's story.

Dwain Asberry

Class of 1973

Dwain Asberry served in the U.S. Navy and then enrolled at MAC to find what his next steps would be in life. Here, he learned that “nothing is impossible just as long as you give it your best,” graduating in 1973. After getting his bachelor’s at SEMO, he began a career in the auto industry, working for Sam Scism Ford-Lincoln for 24 years.

Click here to read more of Dwain's story.

Lisa & Scott Hammack

Class of 1984 & 1985

Lisa and Scott Hammack are married MAC alumni with fond memories of their time at the college. Lisa attended from 1983-1985 and was a part of the MAC women’s basketball team, the first with a winning record of 31-7. She transferred to Southwest Missouri State University after graduation. Scott continued to work while attending MAC, allowing him to minimize college debt. After his graduation in 1984, he attended Southeast Missouri State University.

Click here to read more of Lisa's and Scott's story.

Scarlet Barron and Paul Fritch

Class of 1991 & 2013

Scarlet Barron and Paul Fritch are MAC alumni with a rich history at the college and a long-lasting friendship founded through cheerleading, where Paul coached Scarlet. Read about Scarlet’s MAC experience as a student and lessons she has learned alongside Paul’s story, who is also a previous MAC instructor, and the fates that brought him to MAC full-time.

Click here to read more of Scarlet's and Paul's story.

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