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In case of an emergency Dial 911

(If using college phones you MUST dial "9" first to get a line out.)

Public safety is an important part of the overall educational mission of Mineral Area College.  Through its Department of Public Safety, and District Police Department, Mineral Area College strives to provide a safe and secure learning and working environment for the college community.  Utilizing public safety services, technologies, and practices, Mineral Area College provides for the safety and security needs of the college community.  Public Safety capabilities on the campus are augmented by close working relationships with other first responder agencies to provide a comprehensive approach to public safety needs.  The Department of Public Safety's goal is to provide professional services and support to meet the public safety interests of Mineral Area College and all those who study, work, or visit on our campus. The Mineral Area College District Police and Department of Public Safety is a governmental authority within St. Francois County, Missouri with the ability to enforce the laws of the State of Missouri, as well as internal infractions within the district boundary.  The District has an ORI of MO0942400.  Direct Authority applies to the Main Campus of Park Hills.  The Mineral Area College Department of Public Safety works cooperatively with the St. Francois County Sheriff’s Department, the Park Hills Police Department, and the Missouri State Highway Patrol to ensure that all law enforcement needs are met.  It is the policy of Mineral Area College and its Department of Public Safety to encourage all students, faculty, staff and visitors to promptly and accurately report all crime information related to any event that occurs at Mineral Area College to the college’s Department of Public Safety.  The District Police, Department of Public Safety operates under the department’s general orders and policies of the College.   The District Police, Department of Public Safety is comprised of POST certified police officers as well as security and civilian staff.  The District Police are available Monday through Friday 6:30 AM to 10:30 PM.   Campus Security are available on nights, weekends and during significant events on campus.  The Park Hills Police jurisdiction extends onto the campus as it lies directly within the city of Park Hills. 

Contact information for Police services and Campus Police and Security:

Emergency: Dial 911
Campus Police: (573) 518-2304 or extension 2304 from a college phone
Campus Security: (573) 518-2331 or extension 2331 from a college phone
Campus Public Safety: (573) 518-2148 or extension 2148 from a college phone
Campus Police/Security 24-hour number: (573) 631-2831
Director of Public Safety: (573) 518-2308
Park Hills Police: (573) 431-3122.

Mineral Area College Campus Police and Security Office

Office T10 located in at the main entrance to the Technology Building

(573) 518-2304 - Office

(573) 631-2831 - Cell