2022 MAC Student Art Show Winners

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May 2, 2022

Image of students in front of an art exhibit.

2022 MAC Student Art Show Award Winners

The Mineral Area College Art Department hosted an Art Show April 25-29 in the Fine Arts building.  The exhibition featured student work from the past year in eight categories: Drawing, 3D Media, Printmaking, 2D Media, Painting, Honors, Photography, and Independent Work.

An independent artist judged the show to select winners in each category along with an overall award. Exhibition guests were invited to choose a favorite piece to receive the "Cardinal's Choice" award.

Congratulations to the following student artists who were honored with awards!

First Place: Chyna Estes
Second Place: Emma Pouvaranukoah
Third Place: Hailey Travis
Honorable Mention: Faith Gibson

3D media
First Place: Brittni Bader
Second Place: Brandon Schlemeier
Third Place: Karsten Kinney
Honorable Mention: Chyna Estes

First Place: Grace Firnbach
Second Place: Josie Warden
Third Place: Karsten Kinney
Honorable Mention: Chyna Estes

2D Media
First Place: Cooper Sago
Second Place: Stevie Klekamp
Third Place: Cooper Sago
Honorable Mention: Emma Lively

First Place: Rory Pflock
Second Place: Jenna Adams
Third Place: Claire Clippard
Honorable Mention: Brittni Bader

First Place: Chyna Estes
Second Place: Brittni Bader

First Place: Aubrey Barnes
Second Place: Julie Krisher
Third Place: Mallory Parish
Honorable Mention: Hailey Travis

Independent Work
First Place: Jenna Adams
Second Place: Rory Pflock
Third Place: Brittni Bader
Honorable Mention: Brittni Bader

Cardinal’s Choice Award (Voted on by MAC students and staff)
Karsten Kinney

Judge’s Choice Award
Will Jarvis