Truck Driving Program

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Truck Driver Training

Truck drivers are in high-demand, which means that students who successfully complete training are almost certain to go to work immediately. Our program works with many trucking companies and helps you find the company that best fits your needs.

A new class starts every other Monday for four weeks.


Individuals must meet the Federal Department of Transportation (DOT) physical requirements and have a valid regular driver's license at the time of registration. A high school or GED is NOT required. The program will accept persons 18 and older, but has limited placement opportunities for those under 21.

It is recommended that individuals obtain a copy of their Motor Vehicle Report from the Driver's License Bureau prior to starting the program.

The following may disqualify individuals:

  1. Driving record inconsistent with industry standards for entry-level driving positions
  2. Any alcohol-related citation on the motor vehicle record in the past five years
  3. Recent felony convictions or criminal background
  4. History of drug or alcohol abuse
  5. History of mental disorder
  6. Failure to pass the DOT physical Exam

Financial Assistance is available to those who qualify. Please contact us to learn about options.

Tina Miller
SkillUP Program Support Specialist
(573) 518-3840

Refunds are available in full within a three-day period, and thereafter, they will be calculated based on a percentage.

Lindsey Stephens

Career Specialist, Driver Resource Center
(573) 518-2238